A little support for the use of stored procedures

by Oct 19, 2011 No Comments

There is a lot attention for SQL injection attacks lately. Especially now since the Dutch technology news website Webwereld reveals a security and/or privacy leak every day this month. Because there are some high-profile commercial and governmental websites involved in this it also draws the attention of the regular non-tech media and hence a lot […]

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How to test an ATX power supply

by Sep 18, 2011 No Comments

Sometimes you run into problems where you think the power supply of a computer is failing. Or you simply want to test that old power supply that you have lying around to see if it still works or not. In both cases you want to test the power supply without the other components of a […]

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Stop 3G / LTE mobile providers from crunching images

by Aug 26, 2011 No Comments

I had a customer, for which I created an image download repository, call me yesterday and he complained that when he downloaded images via his LTE router or via his mobile phone’s 3G connection the images were smaller and didn’t contain an IPTC caption anymore. Although these IPTC captions are unimportant for regular website images, […]

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Creating screenshots with Window Clippings

Aug 16, 2011 No Comments

Quite often I create short manuals for clients how to use a website, setup their e-mail or use a certain browser feature, for which I need to be able to create screenshots. Although Windows does support creating screenshots via the Print Screen (PrtScn) button, all it does is capture the entire screen at it’s displayed […]

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Easily update static content but still allow caching

Aug 05, 2011 No Comments

A pretty common problem for today’s web developer is that on one side you want your website to be cacheable by the browsers but on the other side you want the browser to quickly pick up any changes you make to the website. In web application you usually prevent the browser from caching the content […]

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Always show all attachments in Thunderbird 5.0

Aug 02, 2011 No Comments

On June 28th, Mozilla released version 5.0 of their Thunderbird e-mail client. I’ve been using Thunderbird for a few years now and prefer it over Microsoft Outlook for it’s speed and ease of use. However, 5.0 has a few things I didn’t like but luckily Thunderbird has great ways to customize it through add-ons and […]

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It has landed… finally a Blog

Jul 15, 2011 No Comments

Not that blogs are new or anything like that, but I finally thought it was time for me to start a blog. I’ve known the concept of a blog since the start of the century but never thought that it was anything for me or that I even needed it. But that has changed since […]

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